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John Horsch Papers


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John Horsch Papers, 1873-1966 | Mennonite Church USA Archives

By Natasha Sawatsky-Kingsley and Tillie Yoder

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Collection Overview

Title: John Horsch Papers, 1873-1966Add to your cart.

ID: HM1/008

Primary Creator: Horsch, John (1867-1941)

Extent: 11.6 Linear Feet. More info below.

Arrangement: By series

Subjects: Anabaptists - History, Horsch, John, 1867-1941, Mennonite Publishing House (Scottdale, Pa.), Mennonites - History

Forms of Material: Correspondence

Languages: English, German

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Personal papers of a Mennonite writer and historian affiliated with the (old) Mennonite Church.  Divided into four series:

(1) Correspondence, 1873-1940

(2) Notes and Manuscripts, circa 1873-1945

(3) Clippings Scapbooks and Notebooks, circa 1903-1927

(4) Miscellaneous, 1884-1966

Biographical Note

John Horsch: a leading historian and writer of the Mennonite Church (MC) in America; born in Giebelstadt near Würzburg,Germany, on 18 December 1867, the fourth of nine children born to Elder Jacob Horsch and his wife Barbara Landes; he married Christine Funck of Neipperg near Heilbronn, Württemberg and was the father of four children—Elizabeth (Mrs. H. S. Bender), Walter, Menno, and Paul; he died 7 October 1941 at his longtime home at Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

Intended by his father to be a farmer, John studied for two years at the Bavarian State Agricultural School at Würzburg, securing the diploma in 1886. Having meanwhile come to accept the full nonresistant position he immigrated to America to avoid military service, arriving in New York 3 January 1887.

January to May 1887 Horsch spent at Halstead, Kansas, attending the Indian Mission School conducted by Christian Krehbiel (to learn English), then moved to Elkhart to enter the employ of John F. Funk in the Mennonite Publishing Company, where 1887-1895, with intermittent absences to attend several colleges, he did much of the editorial work on the Herold der Wahrheit, the Familien-Kalender, and the German Sunday school quarterlies. This was the beginning of a long career of 55 years of editorial work, historical research, and historical and theological writing. During these eight years at Elkhart he also collected a large Mennonite historical library, and established a lifelong connection with the Hutterites in South Dakota.

Between 1888 and 1898 Horsch spent almost four years in study in various colleges and universities (Evangelical Theological Seminary at Naperville,Illinois, Valparaiso University at Valparaiso, Indiana, Baldwin-Wallace College at Berea, Ohio, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin). In 1898-1900 he engaged in a private publishing business at Elkhart, publishing the monthly Farm und Haus (first number September 1898). In 1900-1908 he was associated with J. A. Sprunger, the owner and operator of the Light and Hope Publishing Company, at Berne, Indiana, Cleveland, Ohio, and Birmingham, Ohio. Sprunger, formerly a minister in the Berne Mennonite (GCM) Church, was at this time loosely affiliated with the Missionary Church Association. In May 1908 Horsch moved to Scottdale, where he served the Mennonite Publishing House as German editor of several publications and carried on private research and writing in Mennonite history and the theological field until his death in 1941.

The awakening of John Horsch's historical interest was the result of the intellectual movements in the Mennonite Church in Germany during his youth. His father had a not inconsequential library and subscribed to the two German Mennonite periodicals: the Mennonitische Blätter and the Gemeindeblatt der Mennoniten, both of which carried many historical articles in the 1880s, particularly 1885-1886. The first adequate Mennonite history in German had just appeared in 1884, written by Anna Brons. But the decisive influence on Horsch's interest in Mennonite history was the archivist and historian Ludwig Keller, with whom he continued in close touch for ten years (1885-1895), even after his immigration to America, and who directly influenced him to dedicate his life to a revival of the ancient Anabaptist principles in the Mennonite brotherhood, in spite of the fact that Keller considered the principle of nonresistance a handicap to be discarded. Keller had begun to publish his books on Anabaptist history in 1880 with a book on the Münsterites, followed by his biography of Hans Denck in 1882, and was an almost constant contributor to the Mennonitische Blätter.

In his early period in America, from 20 to 30 years of age, Horsch had not altogether found himself. During this period he did publish (1890) his valuable brief history of the Mennonites in German, Kurzgefasste Geschichte der Mennoniten-Gemeinden, as well as his English booklet, The Mennonites, Their History, Faith, and Practice (1893), in addition to countless periodical articles. But his program of reviving the church through writing was also partially frustrated due to three factors: (1) his lack of intimate knowledge of the American Mennonite Church, its leadership, and its problems; (2) his want of a complete and independent mastery of Anabaptist history and theology and the full inner meaning of its program, due partly to the dominance of Keller's unbalanced interpretation; and (3) the difficulties with Bishop Funk and his editorial staff at Elkhart, including a disappointment with the somewhat legalistic program of the church there. The net result of the early years was disheartening, and he found no other connection by which he could effectively work for his program than that which he reluctantly surrendered at Elkhart. Nor was the connection with J. A. Sprunger a solution, for Sprunger had no vital connection with any church body, still less with any Mennonite body. Horsch's library was in Funk's hands at Elkhart, and he had no adequate stimulus to creative scholarship, although he did publish during this time his book, A Short History of Christianity(1903).

But with the coming to Scottdale in 1908 Horsch found himself again. Here in the old church, he found inspiration, challenge, and opportunity. In the next 35 years he gave himself without reserve to Mennonite historical research and writing, producing a series of valuable studies: Menno Simons(1916); Infant Baptism, Its Origin Among Protestants (1927); The Principle of Nonresistance as Held by the Mennonite Church, An Historical Survey (1927);The Hutterian Brethren: A Story of Martyrdom and Loyalty, 1528-1931 (1931); and Mennonites in Europe, posthumously published in 1942. In addition many historical articles came from his pen in both scholarly and popular journals, some published in the Mennonite Quarterly Review, 1927-1940. He has the credit of discovering the modern Hutterites and their historical manuscripts and introducing them to modern scholarship, particularly to Wolkan in Vienna. He was the channel through which their large hymnal, Riedemann's Rechenschaft, and the Ehrenpreis Sendbrief were published.

For a number of years, 1917-1926, Horsch was deeply stirred by the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy in America and was drawn away somewhat from his historical studies into a position of semi-participation in this controversy. One fruit of this was the writing of an influential book called Modern Religious Liberalism, a scholarly exposé of modernism which became quite popular in Fundamentalist circles, going through three editions (1920, 1924, 1938) with a total sale of over 10,000 copies, and being used as a text in several seminaries and Bible institutes. One edition was published by the Moody Bible Institute Colportage Association. It was preceded in 1917 by a booklet, The Higher Criticism and the New Theology. In this period Horsch also assailed the milder forms of liberalism which had begun to infiltrate into American Mennonite educational circles through a few men trained in liberal seminaries, writing the pamphlets, The Mennonite Church and Modernism (1924), and Is the Mennonite Church of America Free of Modernism? (1926).

Being convinced about the same time that the Mennonites of America needed a strengthening of their nonresistant position, Horsch also performed valiant work in this field through publication of booklets and articles, including the book, Die biblische Lehre von der Wehrlosigkeit (1920) which was also published in Germany, and the pamphlets, The Principle of Nonresistance as Held by the Mennonite Church and Symposium on War (1927). Horsch's writing on modernism and nonresistance, intended both to awaken the Mennonite Church (and others) and to ward off theological and historical enemies, was frequently of necessity polemic and controversial.

In the last years of his life Horsch again returned fully to his first and major love, Mennonite historical writing. Having received a commission from the Mennonite General Conference to write a history of the Mennonite Church in Europe, he devoted himself to this task and succeeded in completing the manuscript in 1939 in all essentials before the final illness which cut short his career— Mennonites in Europe, which will remain his greatest monument.

One of John Horsch's lasting contributions to historical scholarship was the collection of an unusually rich library on early Anabaptist history. At the age of 17 he was seeking to secure books of Hans Denck, and to the end of his life he sought to assemble the tools necessary to scholarship in a good library. The Horsch Collection, as it is now called, is especially rich in early Swiss, German, and Dutch Anabaptistica. A study of the Catalogue of the Mennonite Historical Library, prepared by Horsch and published at Scottdale in 1929, and of the final contents of the collection as it was incorporated into the Mennonite Historical Library of Goshen College in 1945, reveals its uniqueness. It was for Horsch a working collection; the many marginal notes, underlinings, and indexes of subjects and names on the flyleaves speak of his assiduous use, as do also numerous notebooks and scrapbooks filled with copious extracts; the extensive documentation of his writings with source references likewise proves his thoroughness. The gleaning in the sources which Horsch did will not need to be repeated.

Horsch is best known for his outstanding work in the field of Mennonite history, by which he won wide recognition in two continents. He was a thorough and painstaking research scholar, capable of the most intensive and sustained effort in the exploitation of original sources, competent in several languages and an able and prolific writer, although he lacked formal advanced training in history. But the deepest interest and greatest passion of Horsch's life was not history, but the church, the Mennonite Church. He strove to help her to attain and maintain the ideal of a church "without spot or wrinkle," wholly devoted to her Lord.

Horsch's historical interest was not merely antiquarian, nor one of pure scholarship. He found in Anabaptism the prototype of his own faith, and he sought with all his heart to revive and make effective this faith in his own Mennonite brotherhood and beyond. History was to be an instrument for evangelism in the truest and best sense. It is this frankly propagandistic strain in his writings, often with a polemical slant, that at times annoyed his readers and irritated his critics. It must be remembered, however, that the ancient perversions of Anabaptist history were still dominant and that a vigorous challenge to this historical error was necessary. Much of Horsch's brilliant energy was devoted to the fight to rehabilitate the Anabaptists in the world of scholarship. He lived to see the verdict largely reversed, a reversal to which he made no small contribution.

Subject/Index Terms

Anabaptists - History
Horsch, John, 1867-1941
Mennonite Publishing House (Scottdale, Pa.)
Mennonites - History

Administrative Information

Repository: Mennonite Church USA Archives

Alternate Extent Statement: 22 archives boxes and 3 half archives boxes

Access Restrictions: Materials are open to the public.

Use Restrictions: Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U.S.C. Copyright not owned by Mennonite Church USA Archives.

Preferred Citation: John Horsch Papers, 1873-1966. HM1-008. Mennonite Church USA Archives. Elkhart, Indiana.

Processing Information: April 17, 1975 / Organized and listed by Sharon Klingelsmith

Finding Aid Revision History:

February 20, 2003 / Annotations of Correspondence, as found in Boxes 1-7 and noted by Elisabeth Horsch Bender, were added to file listings by Nelda Nussbaum

July 18, 2001 / Update by Monica Zimmerman, previously typed into computer and posted on web between 1999-2001

Other Note: At one time, the photographic portrait of John Horsch was cataloged separately as HM4-008.  In June 2014, it was added to this collection.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 2: Notes and Manuscripts, circa 1873-1945],
[Series 3: Clippings Scrapbooks and Notebooks, circa 1903-1927],
[Series 4: Miscellaneous, 1884-1966],

Series 1: Correspondence, 1873-1940Add to your cart.
Horsch's correspondence, organized by year and language (German or English).
Box 1: Correspondence, 1873-1899Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence (German), 1873-1884Add to your cart.

1. Letter from Carl van der Smissen, of the Wadsworth School, in reply to query by J. H. on evidence found by Rauschenbusch on the practice of immersion among early Anabaptists.

2.  Letter by Dr. F. Herring, of Goshen, inquiring of the Hutterites of Sobotisch ?? about their supposed descent from the Waldenses.  He wants to write a book.  How did it get to J. H.?

3.  Two letters by J. H. to Ludwig Keller on matters of Anabaptist history.  These copies are not in J. H.’s hand.  How did the originals get to Bethel?

Folder 2: Correspondence (German), 1885Add to your cart.

1.  Keller thanks J. H. for sending him a Confession of 1702 and a Catechism of 1878 (Heilbronn).  He may publish a request for such books in the H. d. W.

2.  Dr. Keller sends J. H. a copy of Denk’s Von der wahren Liebe, which he (Keller) made.  Sees new life in Mennonite churches in Europe.

3.  Keller to J. H.  Advises against copying Tauler’s sermons, promises him the loan of a copy, hopes to publish soon.  Is glad to see enough harmony to establish a Verein.

4.  J. H. to Keller.  Offers to copy Denk’s writings (by hand) in response to article in church paper.  (Not in J.H.’s hand)

Folder 3: Correspondence (German), 1886Add to your cart.

1.  Important letter from Ulrich Hege, a prominent Reiseprediger, to J. H.  He advises on more publication about Denck, advises lovingly as well as sternly against going to America, justifies military service.  (Perhaps already published)

2.  Keller commends J. H. for projected publication of Tauler.  More about projected Verein.

3.  Keller discourages idea of foreign missions.  Why convert Negroes in Africa, etc., when there is so much to do at home?  The Waldanses convert their neighbors.

4.  Keller has learned that Gauler (?) is Denk (?)  Copyrighted by Bertelsmann and J. H.’s project must be discontinued immediately.  Keller apologizes for not being aware of this.

5.  J. H. determined to publish Deutsche Theologic, perhaps by Gemeindeblatt  office.  Invitation to Keller to visit.  Offer of back issues of Gemeindeblatt and Mennonitische Blatter.

6.  J. H. has ordered 2000  copies of Deutsche Theologic to be printed by “Bethlehem” in Gernsbach.  Plans to have more works of this kind published.  Shows amazing familiarity with early writings for teen-ager of 1886.

7.  In difficulty with Bertelsmann copyright.  May have to destroy what has been printed.

8.  J. H. is sending Keller:  Denner;s sermons;  Ausbund;  Tauler’s sermons with Meisterbuch;  Ern Spiegel der Wahrheit, by Holdemann, to give a picture of divisions in America.

9.  Edition reduced to 1000 copies upon advice of Ulrich Hege.  J. H. asks Keller his opinion of Wehrlosigkeit.  The Swiss who are subject to army induction are emigrating to America, but in Germany it has been abandoned.  “I would like to be nonresistant if it could be done.”

10.  Bertelsmann forbids sale.  Ausbund is still used in Alsace, perhaps also in Switzerland.

11.  Perhaps they can revise the galley proofs with corrections so it will be a new edition.  Keller offers assistance.

12.  Letter from Daniel Funck to J. H. with intelligent critique of Denk.  He received the book from J. H. (Daniel Funck’s sister, Christine, later became wife of J. H.)

13.  Keller is still dealing with Bertelsmann.  As to Wehrlosigkert, he is planning to publish his views soon.  Non-resistance is often claimed in order to avoid an unpleasant obligation.

14.  More negotiations on publication of Deutsche Theologic, involving Bertelsmann, Ulrich Hege, Mannhardt, von der Smissen.

15.  Keller suggers some perseution, is derisively called an Anabaptist apostle.  Hopes some S. German Mennonites will attend the meeting to work out a Vereinigung.

16.  More about the publication of Denk and Tauler.

Folder 4: Correspondence (German), 1887Add to your cart.

1. Letter from Elias Walter, Hutschinson, Dakota, 1887, to J. H. in reply to query about Hutterite origins and practices.  They receive the Herold der Wahrheit and noted the article about Hans Denck by J. H.

2.  Letter from older brother Heinrich, still somewhat disapproving of J. H.’s departure.

3.  Philip Stauffer asks Funk whether J. H. is to be accepted as a brother.  Oppses idea of having Reiseprediger from Germany.

4.  Contacts with preachers Christian Schmutz and a Landis in S. Germany.

5.  Chr. Schowalter.  Disapproves of attendance at “Abrechtslents” school.  Reacts to Keller’s idea of a cooperation between various Mennonite groups leading to union.

6.  Elias Walter, October 10,  1882.  Offers to copy epistles by Langenmantel, Schiemer, etc.  He has Riedemann’s hymns.  Describes community life.  Leonard Gross may be interested.

7.  German brethren accept offer (?) to publish Märtyrerspiegel if there are enough subscribers.

8.  J. H. has composed a request for data on the various congregations in U.S. and Canada;  sends a draft to J. F. for approval.  Reports that the Mennonites in the West want ministers, or they must join other churches.  He suggests Michall Landes, of Germany, as Reiseprediger.  M. L. was one of two ministers in Germany who approved of his avoiding military service.

9.  More about books and articles.

10.  J. H. sends Funk a letter from Jakob Wiens of Manitoba, who would like to see the Rundschau publish more historical articles.  J. H. suggest publishing the letter in the H. d. W.  (Is that letter in the Funk files?)

11.  Summary of loans received from Funk – total $44.61.  More about books.

12.  More about books.

13.  A request to J. F. Funk for a loan of $25.00 while J. H. attends college at Naperville.  John Holdeman writes he will not name their ministers or count the members because that would be wrong.

14.  Dr. F. Herring, Goshen, on American Hutterites.  Keller’s position on nonresistance.

15.  Dr. Herring on baptism.  Early Christians and Anabaptists baptized by immersion, three times backwards.

16.  Daniel Funck, who later became J. H.’s brother-in-law and is now visiting J. H.’s parental home.  J. H. is now in America.  Personal matters, health, books.

17.  J. F. Funk offers J. H. a job if they can reach an agreement on pay.

18.  J. H. is at school in Halstead, Kan.  Funk offers him $1.00 per day while he learns the trade.

19.  Letter from Jakob Hege arguing that J. H. did wrong in evading military service.

20.  Letter to J. F. Funk.  Describes Mennonites in Halstead area and asks Funk for a job.

21.  Fragment of letter to J. F. Funk about work.

22.  Accepts Funk’s offer of job

23.  Letter from Jakob Horsch, brother of J. H. and a medical student, to J. F. Funk to break the news to J. H. that his father died on July 1.  (If the dates are correct, how did the letter cross the ocean so fast?)

24.  Sends Funk some items for publication in H.d.W.  Asks about books to be sent from Germany to be sold in Elkhart.  Dr. Herring to translate Von der wahren Liebe for Keller.  Will write to Mannhard for Jahrbuch.

25.  J. H. thanks Funk for loan of $13.97;  sends items for publication, wonders whether he should stay at Naperville another term.

26.  J. H. has seen notice by Ulrich Hege in the Gemeindeblatt that Denner’s sermons be published and suggests to Funk that he publish them with sermons by Tauler, Deknatel, etc.  Asks for another loan.  Suggests printing obituary of John Herr to show the Herrites that the H. d. W. wants reconciliation.

27.  J. H. thanks J. F. Funk for loans, $9.99.  Suggests changing masthead of H. d. W. to read “altevangelisch” instead of “religios”, encloses some items for publication.

28.  Menn. Bl. suggest writing to Elias Walther for writings of Denck, Schiemer, etc. for publication.  J. H. thinks they should also appear in H.d.W.  Needs money.  Has offer of position from Brethren college in Mt. Morris.  Says he cannot carry on his large correspondence to the neglect of his studies.  Suggests that his job with Funk be changed to writing.

29.  First letter from Keller to J. H. – was surprised to hear of immigration to America, suggests further cooperation.

30.  Keller to J. H.  Thanks for sending H.d.W.  Mentions proposed organization for collecting and studying “alt-evangelisch” writings.  Asks further cooperation.

31.  Keller has read J. H.’s article and agrees that Menno Simons should not be considered an infallible guide.  Is interested in what is happening among American Mennonites.  States position on military service.  More about books, publication of Schiemer and Langenmantel.  Sends greetings to a Janzen and von der Smissen.

32.  Requests a list of bishops, ministers, etc. of Mennonites branches.  Disapproves of Albrechtsleute.  Has given an address – varied reactions.  Visit Dunkers, “give me information”.

33.  Two incomplete letters.

34.  Letter of admission to Institute at Naperville.  Incomplete.

35.  Almost illiterate.  Cannot reply to J. H.’s letter but will give it to Musser for answer.

36.Christian Schowalter, G. C. M., cannot send constitution and regulations because they are not yet in print.  He sends a Catechism of 1882, “In it you will find what God, thru Jesus Christ, has given for our salvation.”

37.  Card from his oldest brother, Jakob, an M.D., reporting on father’s health and funeral of an uncle.

38.  Letter from Abram Kolb.  Funk on trip east;  health conditions;  J. S. Coffman frequently mentioned.

39.  Letter from Ulrich Hege in Germany (Gemeindeblatt) asking permission to Print Martyr’s Mirror.

40.  A letter from J. H.’s father expressing grief for the manner in which J. H. left – with some deception.  The father forgives him.

41.  Ulrich Hege (Gemeindeblatt) to J. H. about shipment of Deutsche Theologic to America.

42.  Letter to Keller:  about “Funkers”;  about his grandfather, an elder.  Describes his costume; views on original sin, etc.  Elias Walter’s manuscripts.  Elias Walter says:  If they knew of a group ready to be brought in they would send apostles to them.  About school.

43.  Description of the various Mennonite groups, which Keller had requested.

44.  First letter to Keller from America.  Describes Halstead churches.

45.  Very interesting account of Dunker love-feast.  Asks Keller some questions relating to church matters.

Folder 5: Correspondence (German), 1888Add to your cart.

1.  Conditions in Mennonite settlements in NW Canada, baptism, etc.  Admonitions.

2.  Data on the large Manitoba settlements.

3.  Interesting letters from Leonhard Sudermann, who migrated from Prussia to Russia and then to Kansas.

4.  I. A. Sommer.  On divisions and means of unification.

5.  Christian Schowalter:  laments divisions and self righteousness among Mennonites.

6.  Philipp Stauffer to J. H.  Autobiographical;  account of Oberholtzer division.

7.  J. D. Güngerich reports that Jakob F. Schwarzendruber will stop in Elkhart and give J. H. the desired information on the Amish in Johnson Co., Iowa.

8.  Eli Frey gives information on Pettisville church.

9.  About some congregation in Illinois and one in Germany.  Is the Jakob Horsch mentioned here, J. H.’s brother?

10.  Business re  Jahrbuch and Rundschau and H.d.W.

11.  J. H. to Funk:  Plans for returning to Elkhart;  invitation from Hutterites;  every letter seems to contain items for the H.d.W.

12.  J. H. to Funk:  We must have more contact with our congregations and ministers to prevent their joining G.C.M.  J. H. is in correspondence with some.  Has received letter from Johann Funk, who wants to come without family to visit congregations if expenses can be met.

13.  J. H. to Funk:  Concerning article on Mennonites in France;  perhaps A. Kolb has it.  “Don’t get too involved with the Bundesbote.”  Send H.d.W. to Göbel at Weierhof;  many visitors will see it there.

14.  J. H. to Funk regarding school plans us work.  Suggest Johann Funk of Germany as Reiseprediger.

15.  J. H. to Funk.  Hopes to gain subscribers in Europe for H.d.W. by publication of old documents.

16.  In Bluffton and Columbus Grove selling books.  Does not enjoy it.

17.  U. Hege to Funk – re Mart. Mir.

18.  Business matters.  Ulrich Hege to Funk.

19.  Ulrich Hege thanks for permission to print Mart. Mir;  has shipped Münesterische Wiedertäufer ordered by J. H. to Funk; renews subscriptions.  His daughter, Mrs. Hug, lives in Elkhart;  sends greetings to her.

20.  Michael Horsch (Hellmannsberg) to J. H. Family business.  On the back an incomplete letter from his father.  Describes Ulrich Hege’s diabetic diet.

21.  Jansen to J. H.  Something about orphanages.  Opposes military service of any kind.

22.  Keller to J. H. – advice to proceed carefully, cautiously, to avoid statements on baptism, communion, etc.

23.  Ruhmer to Ulrich Hege.  (Too hard to read)

24.  Keller to J. H.  Progress is slow but sure.  Our best hope is in people of 20-30.  Sends a copy of his new book with request to publish in the H.d.W. the section on Gelassenheit.  Asks for frank criticism.

25.  Keller to J. H.  Discussion of nonresistance.

26.  Keller encourages J. H. to work toward unity and avoid disputes on specific doctrines.

27.  De Hoop-Scheffer to J. H.  Library holdings.  Article on immersion.

28.  John Stauffer to J. H.  Encourages J. H.  Some autobiography.

29.  Acknowledgement of receipt of H.d.W. with articles by J. H.

30.  Concerning certain relatives in Germany and in U.S.

31.  Abram Kolb to J. H.  Lost articles for H.d.W.  Elkhart baptisms.

32.  Letter, presumably from J. H.’s, mother to his sister, Catherine, a deaconess.  Personal.

33.  About books.  Contacts with Elias Walter, who sends epistles to J. H.  Interest in missions.

34.  Long letter describing “New Amish” (Fröhlichianer, Apostolic Christian) congregation.

35.  1.  Concerning publications

                  2.  Comment on Art. 7 of Brud. Vereinig.

                  3.  Denk, Vom freien Willen; J. H. asks for a reliable version for publ.

                  4.  About Amish

                  5.  About Dunkers

                  6.  Visit to old Bishop Wisler

                  7.  Comments on division

                  8.  Need for a Bible school

36.  Description of Amish in Goshen – LaGrange area.  Must proceed slowly in establishing a Bible School.

37.  J. H. has received encouragement from Mennon Steiner (Ohio) and Stauffer (Quakertown).  Has attended a conference.  O.M. very reluctant to accept change, Amish more willing.  Russian Menn. buy more Denk and Langenmantel books than O.M.

38.  Interesting letter.  J. H. has just returned from 5 weeks in Ohio, selling books.  Amish Bishop John K. Yoder, Wayne Co., like an archbishop, “excellent speaker, loving, gentle, talented, friendly, and humble.”  Elida – Brenneman.  Head of Rappites in Beaver Co., Pa.  (interesting)

39.  J. H. has prepared Von der wahren Liebe for publication, requests foreward by Keller.  Dunker colleges.  Invitation, tentative promise of position at Mt. Morris.  Working on Namensverzeichnis.  Invitation to join Hutterites from Elias Walter.

40.  More about “Dunkers”.  M.B.’s promote Baptist and Dunker schools, but not Halstead.  O.M. may soon have Johann Funk as Reiseprediger.  Comments on doctrine and life in S. Germany.  Fulton Co. Amish cong. – Holdemans-Lent, etc.  Church History Prof. Umbaugh at Naperville confuses Peasants’ Revolt with 30-years War.

Folder 6: Correspondence (German), 1889Add to your cart.

1,  Personal letter from J. S. Coffman.  Conditions at Bunker Hill.  Good Conference.  Trouble among Amish in Wayne Co. Ohio.  J.K. Yoder too autocratic.

2.  Personal matters.  Books.

Folder 7: Correspondence (German), 1889Add to your cart.

1.  Letter from Ulrich Hege warning J.H. against criticizing other groups.  Be humble.

2.  Personal to Funk.

3.  Personal letter from Thielenhans?

4.  In school at Valparaiso (Berea?).  Needs money, offer to write for $1.00 per page.

5.  Keller to J.H.  General advice on writing.

6.  Keller to J.H.  Appreciates H.d.W.  Sees new life in Menn. in Europe, Rissia and America.  American vs German Masonry.  Alcohol and temperance.

7.  Keller to Hutterites in America.  Beck’s copies of Hutterian materials should be published.  Loserth may give his materials.

8.  Stauffer to J.H.  Comments on J.H. choosing Berea.  General observations.  Accepts J.H.’s offer to read proofs of Botschafter at $1.00 per issure.

9.  Seiler to J.H.  Spirit vs Law-interesting.  Advice:  Don’t get involved in conflicts in interpretation.  What does Funk think of my expulsion by Holdeman?

10.  Elias Walter to J.H.  About their old books;  Beck and Keller.  Wanted to send J.H. “unser altes Buch” but was not permitted.  It is now being copied, and copy will be sent. “  I would rather die than not keep my promise.”

11.  J. H. to Keller.  Temperance movement; Herald c.W. too far to the right in it.  J.H. opposes saloons, but not all use of alcohol, especially in Lord’s Supper.

12.  J.H. to Keller.  Reactions to various denominations in the area – Methodists, Missouri Lutheran, River Brethren.  No great sale of Keller’s book because O.M. cannot read German.  Hopes O.M. General  Conference will soon be organized.

13.  J.H. to Funk.  Likes German Wallace College.  Criticizes Elkhart Pub. Co.

14.  Raises questions about John G. Stauffer.  Plans to attend Presbyterian school next year.  Will publish excerpts from new Keller book in H.d.W.

15.  Asks permission to have Keller’s book translated by A.B. Kolb and published in Elkhart.  Description of O.M. cong. and communion service.  Hymnals in use.

Folder 8: Correspondence (German), 1890Add to your cart.

1.  W.W. Church to Funk concerning chapter for God’s People in All Times, which was then written by J.H.

2.  J.K. Hartzler to J.H.  Information on Amish.

3.  A list of writings by John Herr and the Reformed Mennonites.

4.  Personal letters to J.H. from G. L. Bender (Harold Bender’s father).  Information on Pub. Co. staff.

5.  Funk to W.W. Church, who wants an article on Mennonites for his book “God’s People”.  Reply from J.H., agreeing to write it.

6.  J.K. Hartzler to J.H.  Data on congregations in county.

7.  Three personal letter to J.H. from J.S. Coffman.  Interesting information.

Folder 9: Correspondence (German), 1890Add to your cart.

1.  Philipp Stauffer to J.H.  Oberholtzer-Lent in Bowmanville.

2.  J.G. Stauffer to Funk.  About Oberholtzer-Lent, particularly nonresistance and office-holding.

3.  Peter Janzen to J.H.  Hutterites have many hymns written in prison-Riedemann, Glock, Kräl, etc, many names.  Have no personal funds to pay for H.d.W.

4.  J.H. Funk.  Nonresistance of Swiss Mennonites of “Oberholtzer people”.  “My Booklet”-how many sold?

5.  J.H. passes on to Funk Keller’s idea that he should send sample copies of H.d.W. to Mennonite leaders in Germany.

6.  J.H. to Funk.  Funk has asked for biog. data on Jakob Ammann, but at Berea J.H. has no sources.

7.  J.H. subscribes to H.d.W. for his Prof. Riemenschneider.

8.  Hopes to write a history of Mennonites later.

9.  Please send H.d.W. (specific issues) to Frerichs in Holland.

10.  J.H. to Funk.  Has spent $30.00 on Mennonite history books.  Needs money.

11.  J.H. to Funk.  Br. Toews asks employment with Funk in summer.

12.  J.H. to Funk.  Please tell me what to write E.W. Weaver (who apparently wants to write a Mennonite history).

13.  J.H. asks Funk to order certain books.

14.  Needs money.

15.  J.H. would like some money to buy important Mennonite history books in Berlin.

16.  Proofs, books, money.

17.  J.H. to Funk concerning prospectus for Keller book to be sent to editors in Germany for distribution with their papers.

18.  Concerning book orders.

19.  Money and books.

20.  J.H. to Funk.  Concerning nonresistant congregations and leaders.  Elder Hege coming to America.  Outstanding, but not nonresistant.

21.  J.H. to Funk.  A new subscription for H.d.W.  “My booklet”.  J.F. Sprunger nonresistant?  Did he bring suit for theft?  Need money.

22.  Keller to J.H.  Suggests collecting J.H.’s articles into a booklet.  Have Funk send sample copies to Curatorium of Vereinigung.  Keller’s book influences attitude of historians toward Mennonites.

23.  Keller to J.H.  Approves idea of O.M. school.  Send copies of H.d.W. [Herald der Wahrheit] to Dutch min.  Weierhof school making progress.  Write item on Comenius for H.d.W.

24.  Keller to J.H.  Mennonites very slowly awaking.  Salaried vs lay ministry.

25.  J.G. Stauffer encloses $1.00 to J.H. for reading proofs.

26.  J.G. Stauffer to J.H.  Is publishing his own Der rechte Weg, asks J.H.’s help.  He has göbel’s book.  If E.W. Weaver writes history, share in it.

27.  Peter Toews to ??;  also to J.H.  Names old books in his posession, mostly Dutch authors, - where printed, etc.

28.  Elais Walter to Funk.  Complains about miss-sending items; high prices.

29.  To J.H. from ??  General complaint about apostasy.

30.  J.H. to Keller.  Acknowledges receipt of proofs of booklet.

31.  J.H. to Keller.  School experiences.

32.  J.H. to Keller.  Preaching of his grandfather and grandfather’s contemporaries.

33.  J.H. to Keller.  Weaver’s history of Mennonites.  Hymnals.  Prospects for school.  Dunkers.  Planned booklet.  J.S. Coffman’s father, a Lancaster bishop, visits Western churches (very interestin).

34.  J.H. to Keller.  Sends copy of pamphlet, asks criticism.  A.B. Kolb translating it into English.  Welty and Sprunger (Bern) offered to print it and would have paid him better.  Vists communistic Zoarites. (Interesting)

Folder 10: Correspondence (English), 1891Add to your cart.
Letters from J.S. Coffmen and Funk
Folder 11: Correspondence (German), 1891Add to your cart.
Folder 12: Correspondence (German), 1892Add to your cart.
One notation in English – Daniel Lichti, ca. 1900 – Controversy on non-resistance
Folder 13: Correspondence (English), 1893Add to your cart.
Folder 14: Correspondence (German), 1893Add to your cart.
Folder 15: Correspondence (German), 1894Add to your cart.
Folder 16: Correspondence (German), 1896Add to your cart.
Folder 17: Correspondence (German), 1897Add to your cart.
Folder 18: Correspondence (German), 1898-1899Add to your cart.
Box 2: Correspondence, 1900-1924Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence (German), 1900Add to your cart.

1.  Letter from J.H. to Michael Landes (father of Esther ?), explaining difficulty with paper he is publishing.

2.  Two personal letters to J.H. – one from sister in California, one from brother Michael in Germany.

Folder 2: Correspondence (German), 1901-1902Add to your cart.

1.  Concerning J.H.’s publication of a Viertel-Jahesschrift.

2.  Letter, J.H. to cousin Michael Landes concerning sale of his periodical and payment of loan.

Folder 3: Correspondence (English), 1904Add to your cart.
Interesting letter from J.A. Hetwole, Harrisonburg,  VA, about Ausbund and Menn history research.
Folder 4: Correspondence (German), 1904Add to your cart.

1.  Letter to J.H. from Wolkan about research and publ. of Anabaptist (Hutterite) hymns.

2. J.H. from Wm. Egli, offering position in Bible school-grammar and history.

Folder 5: Correspondence (English), 1906Add to your cart.
Lauschenbush, encouraging letter to J.H.  Suggests sending article to Amer. Journal of Theology, with recom. – to that journal.
Folder 6: Correspondence (English), 1908Add to your cart.

1.  Daniel Kauffman on dealing with liberalism at Goshen.  Illegible Goshen reply (faded)

2.  Struggle against liberalism, both at Goshen and the U. of Chicago, 1908.

Folder 7: Correspondence (German), 1908Add to your cart.
Book catalogs and business.
Folder 8: Correspondence (German), 1910-1913Add to your cart.

1.  Personal letter to J.H. from his sister.

2.  Letter from Samuel Cremer to a friend, indirectly replying to J.H. about Menno Simons.

3.  Hofstede to J.H.(?) concerning subscription to Rundschau;  also experience of his son as apprentice on ocean steamer.

4.  Archivist at Strasbourg to J.H. regarding copies of material.

5. Librarian to J.H., recommends hand copying of material from Sammelband rather than typewriter or photo.  Quotes prices.

Folder 9: Correspondence (English), 1914-1916Add to your cart.

1.  J.H. to Whitmer on liberalism in Goshen?  Bluffton?  Fragment.

2.  S. F. Coffman to J.H., thanks for copy of Menno Simons.

Folder 10: Correspondence (German), 1914-1916Add to your cart.

1.    Acknowledges receipt of paper with article.

2.    Concerning the ban.

Folder 11: Correspondence (English), 1917-1919Add to your cart.

1.  Concerning Erhart’s bookon Hutterites – where to find it.  Nonresistance at Baptist Conf.  William Penn – influence.

2.  Lester Hostetler – class letter.

3.  H,J, Bixler, J.S. Hartzler on procedure in draft cases.

Folder 12: Correspondence (English), 1917-1919Add to your cart.

1.  S.F. Sprunger to J.H.  General observations on church, the times, war, etc.

2.  Hutterite story of martyrdom at Leavenworth, etc.  It is a copy, unsigned (fragment)?

Folder 13: Correspondence (English), 1920Add to your cart.

1.  “Liberalism” at Bluffton.  O.M. refusal to cooperate with G.C.M. in building Old People’s Home in Ill.

2.  J.H. Mosemann to J.H. on conservative position.

3.  J.B. Smith and J.L. Stauffer on liberalism in Goshen – especially library.

4.  J.L. Stauffer on pamphlets by J.H.

5. “Liberalism” at Drew.  Mild defense of evolution.

Folder 14: Correspondence (German), 1920Add to your cart.

1.  Deaconess Anna Braun, North Germany, on J.H.’s book on non-resistance.

2.  Page 2 of a letter about the business of sending manuscripts, presumably to J.H.

3.  Thanks for the “Familien-Kalender” especially warnings against “new theology”.

4.  Something on Anabaptist research in Württemberg. (Hard to read)

5.  To J.H. from his brother Michael on relief work (Christenpflicht) in the Erzgebirge, Germany.

          6.  Something about Anabaptist research and nonresistance (illegible).

          7.  To J.H. from G.H. Enss ordering J.H.’s pamphlets.

          8.  G.H. Enss is translating Menno Simons into good German.  Reasons for delay.

          9.  G.H. Enss order for more J.H. pamphlets.

          10.  Approval for J.H.’s book on nonresistance.

          11.  Review of J.H.’s book on nonresistance by former editor of  Rundschau .  M.B. Fast

          12.  Thanks for Familien – Kalender  F. Hasser (?)

          13.  C.H. Friesen has promoted J.H.’s book on nonresistance in  Rundschau and Vorwärts.

          14.  Request for financial assistance for foreign students in Germany.

          15.  Personal letter to J.H. from Hausser.

          16.  Christian Hege, editor of Menn. Lex, asks about articles J.H. and J.A. Ressler were to write.

          17.  Hege writes concerning Loserth’s contribution and his need of food.

          18.  Michael Horsch, on Christenpflicht and relief for Russian Mennonites.

          19.  On relief work in Germany.

          20.  Pierre Kennel thanks for book on nonresistance.

          21.  Has found buyer for Beck’s book.  Encloses $25.00 for two needy persons, probably in Germany.

          22.  Thanks for offer of aid, but no longer needs it.

          23.  Christian Neff to J.H. on relief matters and historical matters.

          24.  Heinrich Pauls to Pub. House.  Thanks for J.H. book on nonresistance.  Requests info. on Menn. missions in India.

25.  M. Pohl, minister at Sembach, thanks for Wehrlosigkeit, discusses relations with Menn. on other side of Rhine, esp. Neff.

26.  Difficulties in shipping books from Germany.

27.  Thanks for relief gifts.

28.  Steinkopf wants to handle Wehrlsigkeit in Germany.

29.  Concerning historical books.

30. Schwartzendruber (Amish) has letters of Amman and Reist, shall we publish them?

31. Elias Walter - weather, crops.  Ehrenpreis should be printer.  Erroneous date in Beck and Bossart.

32. Elias Walter.  Information on where to get Hänsl Waldner ms book - 1790.

33. Elias Walter.  About copying a ms for typesetting - Ehrenpreis?

34. John Wipf - where can he get English catechism and concordance?  J.H. gives information.  Receives the concordance.

35. Dome Woelinga, Dutch Menn. Dominie, comments on American Menn. Papers, theology, sends some pamphlets to J.H.

36. Michael Horsch, about relief work.

37. Hochstetler inquires about sending clothing to Christenpflicht - how to package, etc.  The sewing circle has made some articles.

Folder 15: Correspondence (English), 1921Add to your cart.

1. Favorable comments on Liberalism

2. John Mosemann, Sr., on "Liberalism".

3. Gifts for a German orphanage.

4. Augspurger defends building a common Old People's Home for all Mennonites in Illinois.

5. Augspurger agrees with J.H.'s Modern Relgion Modernism

6. J.H.'s Modern Religion Liberalism to be reviewed in Princeton Theology Review, " stand with us..."

7. H.S.B. to J.H.  Loan of Anna Brons' book.  Interested in studying influence of Mennonites on other churches.

8. J.R. Brunk to J. H. on his book on Modernism, gives additional suggestions.

9. Buckaloo thinks he can sell a number of Modernism.

10. An order for "Liberalism".

11. Inquiry whether a Mennonite conference meeting has decided to drop "avoidance in the ban".

12. Offers to review "Liberalism".  Differs on "forbearance"

13. On "Liberalism".  Orders book.  Raises a few questions on sources.

14. On Wehrlosigkeit.  Makes minor corrections.

15. Have Mennonite prisoners been pardoned?

16. Approval of Liberalism.

Folder 16: Correspondence (German), 1921Add to your cart.

1. Thanks Stumpf for relief package.  Describes religious and economic conditions in Austria.

2. Endorsement of Liberalism.

3. Favorable comments on Wehrlosigkeit.

4. G.H. Enss, on Liberalism.  Names Hartzler (J.E.?)

5. Letters of thanks from German orphanage for relief gifts.

6. J.F. Harms to ed. of Vorwärts .  Approval of Liberalism.

7. Christian Hege, ed. of Menn. Lex. Asks:  Has the Lex been mentioned in American Mennonite periodicals?

8. Michael Horsch to J.H.  Christenpflicht business.

9. On inflation in Germany.

10. Johannes Kipfer, pastor at Langnau, about an incipient missionary effort in Austria.

11. Hutterite gift of $20.00 for Christenpflicht.

12. John Lichti.  Concerning gifts for Christenpflicht and for Russian refugees.

13. Loserth, to J.H.  thanks for relief parcel.  Describes extreme povertyin Austria.  During the war he had to sell his library.  Recommends certain historical books.

14. Thanks for funds for relief.

15. Wolkan (?) to J.H. about publication of Hutterian hymns.

16. Neff to J.H.  Suffering from influenza.  Thanks for American Menn. Relief for regugees.  Thanks for recommendatkion of Menn Lex in periodicals.  Appreciates relief efforts of Krehbiel committee at Newton.  Comments on Wehrlosigkeit.

17. About articles (no titles given) eachhas written.  A book on nonresistance by Nagel, a missionary in India, from Gysbert van der Smissen.

18. Adolf Fluri - Thanks for another relief package. Reports that Wolkan in Vienna is in dire need.  Approves Modernism.

19. Warkentin describes Mexico as a possible place of Mennonite settlement.  Reminds J.H. to send certain hymnbooks to Fritz Goldschmidt in Basel..

20. S.F. Sprunger commends Modernism.

21. Jean Widmer describes unemployment in Switzerland.  Would like funds to start small business.  Second letter say $2000 would do.

22. Woelinga, (Holland) thanks for Wehrlosigkeit and periodicals.  Describes relief work.

23. Matters of Anabaptist history.  (Can't decipher name)

Folder 17: Correspondence (English), 1922Add to your cart.
Folder 18: Correspondence (German), 1922Add to your cart.

1. To whom in Lechfeld (refugee center in Germany) should books be sent?

2. Letters from Michael Horsch to his brother J.H.  On relief work and a journey to America in interest of relief work.  Christenpflicht and Flürsorge in Germany.

3. Old books.

4. Martin Becker accepts job of translating (what?).  Discusses prices of materials and labor.

5. J.H.'s booklet on infant baptism "ist überaus wertvoll".  It should be translated into German at once.

6. Ernst Correll, speaks very favorably of Infant Baptism.  Tells what he has been working on.  Would like to have books by C.H. Smith, etc.  Has done some research for H.S.B.

7. J.B. Epp.  Wants to know where and how long Krocker plans to stop in Eastern churches.  He is to accompany Kr. In the West and plan appointments.  Opposes a critical article by G.H. Enss.

8. Flügge, a Baptist, thinks "we Anabaptists should have a world-wide guadricentennial in a925".  Martyr st ories should be published.  He has written such a work, comments favorably on Wehrlosigkeit.

9. Gasser, missionary in China, comments on Modernism and laments that modernism is also felt in China.

10. A would-be immigrant from Basel, who had a "Kleider-Klinik" there for 15 years, can find no work in America.  Unless J.H. can help him, he will return to Basel.  Thanks J.H. for assistance.

11. Edward Grunewald, Sweden, writes that the gem.-Kab. 1922 and Nonresistance have not arrived.  A young student of his in Austria mentions Wehrlosigkeit;  made deep impression.  Information about a Pastor Raud and relief work in Europe, Russia.

12. Guengerich agrees that the history of the Amish - division and all - should be published.  Asks for information about Amish as J.H. meets them in Europe.

13. Christian Hege having difficulty in getting articles on American congregations for Men. Lex.  Has some copies of Täufer in der Kurpfalz  which J.H. may sell.

14. Michael Horsch, of Upland, Cal., General Conference minister, cousin of J.H., gives an account of the visit of Michael Horsch of Germany - and of meetings and sermons.

15. Evangelization in Russia.

16. Requests for books.

17. Relief work, to which J.H. sent a contribution.

18. Herold der Wahrheit letters.

19. Hochstettler has sent money and a parcel to Michael Horsch, Christenpflicht, don't know if they arrived.

20. Hutterite contacts with Loserth, Wolkan, Bossert in publication of old documents.

21. Invitation to J.H. to visit Wiedenest.  Information about a Stumpfl.

22. Pastor Woelinga about historical books.

Folder 19: Correspondence (English), 1923Add to your cart.

1. H.C. Bartel, missionary in China, on Modernism and on his work in China.

2. On Modernism.

3. Comments on Liberalism.  Amish preaching.

4. Old books from Funk.

5. Acknowledgment of Infant Baptism.

6. Relief in Germany.

7. Relief contribution.

8. Magdalena Bauschmann letter of thanks.

9. German relief.

10. Burkholder family history.

11. Historical Committee.

12. Interesting report on Indiana Conf. sessions - also Goshen.

13. Acknowledgment of Infant Baptism;  sends Meihuizen "family history".  Koekebaker - historical matters.

14. Liberalism.  (Note Bixler's comment on John Umble.)

Folder 20: Correspondence (German), 1923Add to your cart.

1. On Apostolic Christian Church.

2. Ernest Correll - Anabaptist source materials.

3. Correll on Pacifism, etc. among German Mennonites and others.

4. Correll - church, state, thesis, etc.

5. Historical Books from Ernst Crous.

6. Cousin Ellenberger on German Mennonites.

7. Letter of thanks for relief gifts.

8. Russian refugee request for settlement aid.

9. Contribution for German relief.

10. Hutterite request (order) for books.

11. Gift of $10.00 for German relief.

12. Request for Froschauer Bible, Menno's Complete Works.

13. Relief Work Christenpflieht.  Michael Horsch to J.H.

14. Request for payment for books in American currency.

15. Archivist Kurz regarding requested source meterials.

16. Relief gifts in Germany.

17. Personal letter.

18. Letter to Neufeld, Emden, by refugee from E. Prussia to try to preserve historical materials left behind in flight.

19. Thanks for relief gift to son who is ill.

20. Samuel Nussbaumer, Swiss Mennonite leader, cannot come to America.

21. Samuel Nussbaumer on "liberalism' in Holland vs liberalism in state church - also earlier Swiss formalism and legalism.

22. Thanks for relief gift.

23. Recommends new method of duplication of original sources.  Spengler to evaluate.  Cheese-making possibilities in Illinois.

Folder 21: Correspondence A-G (English), 1924Add to your cart.

1. Opposes charges of "liberalism".

2. Valuable for examination of H.S.B.'s theological position.

3. George R. Brunk on Liberalism and Doctrines.

4. Modernism

5. Irvin Burkhart, money for work on modernism.

6. Work on Hymnal.

7. Brethren acknowledgment of Modernism.

8.  J.G. Gunk, personal difficulties with the church.  Contra Sunday School Conference.

9.  Funk library to Scottdale.

Folder 22: Correspondence A-G (German), 1924Add to your cart.

1.    Amstuz-Tschirren, has received Christian Monitor

2.    P.B. Amstutz working on history of Swiss settlement.

3.    Otto Binkele – later married to Stella Kauffman – personal letter.  Return it to her?

4.    German relief report.

5.    Correll.  Old books – antiquarian.  Hopes to come to America.

6.    Correll’s arrival in Goshen

7.    Egle on liberalism in Goshen and Bluffton.

8.    G.H. enns, theological matters.

9.    Source materials.

10.  Altmann in Munich, translating for S.S. quarterly.

11.  C.F. Friesen on modernism, etc., in churches.

12.  German Relief report.

Box 3: Correspondence, 1924-1926Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence G-N (English), 1924Add to your cart.

1.    Approval of Modernism.

2.    Gottshall on liberalism at Bluffton.

3.    Division at Kitchener on dress.

4.    Approval of Modernism also of Bender articles.

5.    Letter to C. Henry Smith?

6.    Herold der Wahrheit material.

7.    Approval of Modernism from Moody’s

8.    (Many other letters in English with no notes attached)

Folder 2: Correspondence G-N (English), 1924Add to your cart.

1.    Query about relief in Germany.

2.    H.D.W. matter.

3.    Request for loan.

4.    Thanks for gift.  Lexiikon  matters from Chr. Hege.

5.    Hutterian inquiry about Der Mährische Kommunismus.

6.    Bundle of relief clothing for Munich Methodists.  Michael Horsch to J.H.

7.    Michael Horsch to J.H. on “Wehrlosigkeit”.

8.    Christenpflicht report.

9.    German Baptists about prices of Bibles.

10.  Concerning nonresistance in Germany – also request for financial aid.

11.  Johannes Klaassen to his brother-in-law J.H. about his mission in Java and Sumatra.

12.  German relief work. Amish sent $100.00.

13.  Request for financial aid.

14.  Personal letter to J.H. from youngest sister.

15.  Personal letter to J.H. from Lautenback nephew.

16.  Monsky wants to preach and receive offerings in American Mennonite congregations.

17.  Personal letter of J.H. from oldest sister, Babette Landes, Lautenbach.

18.  Christian Neff about work on Lexikon.

19.  Former editor of Rundschau about S.S. quarterlies and conditions in Russia.

Folder 3: Correspondence O-Z (English), 1924Add to your cart.

1.    From missionary in China.  Has received Modernism

2.    J.S. Shoemaker encloses article on Freeport for Lexikon.

3.    J.S. Shoemaker orders three copies of “Modernism”.

4.    C. Henry Smith accuses J. H. of misquoting him.  (Reply to Smith in another folder).  Smith’s reply in next letter.

5.    J.B. smith.  Subject:  Liberalism

6.    Action on Bluffton.

7.    Regarding a Sutter family from Germany.  (They went back to Germany)

8.    About a lost book.

9.    Many letters with no notations in English.

Folder 4: Correspondence O-Z (German), 1924Add to your cart.
German relief work, money.
Folder 5: Correspondence A-B (English), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    Liberalism and Modernism sales.

2.    Modernism and Liberalism. Favorable comments.

3.    Modernism, unfavorable comment.

4.    Bechtel expresses confidence in Witmarsum.

5.    Russian immigration costs.

6.    Historical and publication matters.

7.    Trouble – financial – at Hellmannsberg.  Historical matters.  Division in Fulton Co. on musical instruments.  Marbeck book.

8.    Plans for Historical conference.

9.    Many other letters with no notation.

Folder 6: Correspondence A-B (German), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    Concerning arrival of books, etc.

2.    Concerning publication of his history of Swiss settlements in Ohio.

3.    Letter from Russian refugee in Austria asking for financial aid.

4.    Otto Binkele needs work.

5.    Will publish J.H.’s article on the union of Mennonites of all the world.

6.    Musician asks for Mennonite hymnbook “mit Noten”.

Folder 7: Correspondence C-F (English), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    J.N.Durr approves publication of book in pamphlet form.

2.    Durr – to J.H.  Asks him to speak at historical meeting.

3.    Other letters without notation.

Folder 8: Correspondence C-F (English), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    Correll – Personal background and experience.  Grebel book.  His own Tauefer – Mennoniten-tum.

2.    Historiographical.  Fosdick.

3.    Correll advised to seek part-time employment elsewhere, but fails.  Needs money.

4.    Correll, about his book.

5.    Walter Fellmann about publishing articles by J.H.

6.    Copies.  Robert Friedmann to Elias Walter:  Please send list of old documents in your possession.  Account of visit to Habaner.  Two copies of original letter.

7.    Concerning sale of hymnal.

8.    About J.E. Hartzler’s defense in the Mennonite.

9.    Reformed pastor inquites about books to study Mennonites.

10.  German S.S. lessons.

11.  Subscription to church papers.

12.  Personal letter.  Ewert, formerly teacher in Germany, now at Hillsboro, laments lack of discipline.

13.  H.J. Dyck.  The Bible lectures by Dr. Quiring.

Folder 9: Correspondence G-K (English), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    The bonnet impossible in SA Nursing in SA

2.    About J.H.’s reply to J.E. Hartzler, Bluffton.

3.    E.S. Hallman on “old Goshen” and J.R. Detwiler.

4.    Other letters with no notations

Folder 10: Correspondence G-K (German), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    Göbel, head of Weierhof Gymnasium – personal.

2.    Hofer wants to move to Canada, asks for translation of document on military service.

3.    A German in Estonia wants to emigrate, has no money.

4.    Concerning subscription to German Mennonite periodicals, biographies of leaders.

5.    Hege needs articles for Lexikon.

6.    Concerning Loserth:  work on Marpeck in dire financial straits.  Can’t rich American Mennonites help?

7.    Lexikon articles.  Marpeck by Loserth.

8.    Hege wants copy of issues containing his articles.  Encloses one on Tiroler Täuferakten.

9.    Book business.

10.  Second request for certain historical books.

11.  About shipment of books.

12.  German relief needs.

13.  About article on union of all Mennonites.

14.  Asks Levi Mumaw, MCC, for aid.

15.  Publication of article on union and also on Germeentedag and Hylkema.

16.  Discussion of union and theological positions.

17.  A heff (?) sends autobiography.  Asks for interesting historical items.

18.  Krehbiel family, of Germany, has united with Methodists in Flint.  Asks for literature.

19.  Vacation home for children.  Poverty in German cities.  Publication.

Folder 11: Correspondence L-O (English), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    Re: N.E. Byers.

2.    John H. Mosemann Sr. re: Goshen, liberalism, Wichita pacifist conf., etc.

3.    Money for orphanage in Germany.

Other letters with no notation.

Folder 12: Correspondence L-O (German), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    C.H. Musselmann, printer and publisher in Berne, on liberalism etc.

2.    Leendertz.  Liberal vs orthodox.

3.    Questions about Deutsche Mennoniten-Hilfe:  how do they use the funds sent to them?

4.    Personal letter from oldest sister.

5.    Invitation to first world conference (Gebenkfeier) Basel.

Folder 13: Correspondence P-Z (English), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    C. Henry Smith, reply to “Conference” article, Bluffton, critique of book.

2.    Other letters with no comments on them.

Folder 14: Correspondence P-Z (German), 1925Add to your cart.

1.    Christenpflicht.

2.    Re: Geiser Täufer and other questions of Swiss Mennonite history.

3.    Unhappy Suttor family, would-be immigrants, dissastisfied everywhere in U.S., returned to Germany.

4.    Johannes Klaassen, J.H.’s brother-in-law, sent out to Sumatra early by Dutch Mennonite Mission Bd., replies to J.H.’s question about theological left vs right in Holland.

5.    B.H. Unruh has not had time to read J.H.’s books and articles carefully, but intends to do so.

6.    Receipt of clothing.  Christenpflicht.

7.    Re:  Publication and binding of histories.

8.    Order for paper.

9.    Shipment of Testaments.

10.  Defense of Dutch Mennonites.  Many seekers among them.

Folder 15: Correspondence A-B (German), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Is publishing a tract.  What cost?

2.    Historical books.  Antiquariat catalogue.

3.    Do you have Grosee Gesangbücher for sale?

4.    Identifying H.H. Fast as father of H.A. Fast.

5.    Otto Binkele looking for work.  No vacancy at Scottdale.

Folder 16: Correspondence A-B (English), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Sent $500 to Michael Horsch, fare for 2 boys to America.

2.    Concerning a Swiss, Richard, Methodist, who seeks appointment MBMC.

3.    T.H. Brenneman knows of no liberalism at Bluffton.

4.    Many other letters with no notations.

Folder 17: Correspondence C-G (English), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Virginia names indicating Mennonite origin.

2.    E.L. Frey on Peace Movement.

3.    Gottshall on liberalism in various schools.

4.    Other letters.

Folder 18: Correspondence C-G (German), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Correll on matters of history and publication.

2.    Are enclosing issues containing article on Hans Denk by J.H.

3.    On publication of Gesangbuch.

4.    Questions to Aaron Laucks on terms of publication.

5.    Price of old gesangbücher.

6.    Welcomes book on Modernism.

7.    All missionaries should have Modernism in Mennonite Church.

8.    Approval of Is Mennonite Church free of Modernism?

9.    Concerning gesangbücher.

10.  Martens in Russia agrees to exchange Unser Blatt for Gospel Herald, but warns of censorship.

11.  German relief.

Folder 19: Correspondence H (English), 1926Add to your cart.
Folder 20: Correspondence H (German), 1926Add to your cart.
Box 4: Correspondence, 1926-1928Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence I-M (English), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Financial difficulties with Lechfeld refugee camp.  Threatens Hellmannsberg.  American aid?  $15,000

2.    Peace Pamphlets.

3.    Many other letters, no notations

Folder 2: Correspondence I-M (German), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Support for J.H. Modernism pamphlet.

2.    Re:  Quiring at Bluffton.

3.    Re:  The printing of Bibles in and/or for Russia.

4.    Lechfeld financial aid.

5.    Corrections for Church Hymnal.

6.    German relief.

7.    Size of Hymnal.  Binding.

8.    Hymnal.

9.    Order for Familien-Kalender

10.  Hymnbook – church Hymnal?

11.  Personal attack on J.H.

Folder 3: Correspondence N-Z (English), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Orders for Failure of Modernism and Mennonite Church and Modernism

2.    Converted under “Dunkerds”, served as Methodist missionary, now want MBMC to send him to France.

3.    Order for J.H. books on Modernism.

4.    Paul Whitmer and J.E. Hartzler give Bible lectures at Salem – modernism.

5.    Approval of pamphlet “Conformity in Dress”.

6.    Other letters with no notations.

Folder 4: Correspondence N-Z (German), 1926Add to your cart.

1.    Gesangbuch.

2.    J.H.’s cousin Michael coming to America

3.    P.E. Penner, Bible lecturer.

4.    “I do not know by whom? – to whom””

5.    Relief money.

6.    Personal.

7.    Pierre Sommer.  Dutch Mennonites, periodicals, unfavorable report on Richard.

8.    Religion in Russia.

9.    The Suttors want help.

10.  Re:  financial difficulties in Lechfeld and Christenpflicht, hence also for Michael Horsch.  Toews defends the article he has written.

11.  Fluri writes of visit of two Swiss Geisers interested in history, of Correll’s book, of L’Anabaptiste (almanac).

12.  Copying Klein-Geschicht-Buch.  Joseph – geschichte.

13.  Wolkan’s book has many uncorrected errors.  Walter has exact list.  One of Walter’s children will copy the book, Walter will add footnotes.

14.  Loserth and Wolkan should have more funds for research.

15.  Klein-gesch-Buch now copied, but Walter will not publish it before Gross-Gesch. B.

16.  Gesang-Buch

17.  Approval for J.H. pamphlet, Modernism.

18.  Personal.

19.  Inquires about new edition of Wehrlosigkeit.

20.  About some periodical.

Folder 5: Correspondence A-D (English), 1927Add to your cart.

1.    Announces change in major field from OT to Reformation and Anabaptists.

2.    All other letters with no notation.

Folder 6: Correspondence A-D (German), 1927Add to your cart.

1.    On liberalism.

2.    Gesangbuch.

3.    Otto Binkele in school.

4.    The parents of Otto and Elizabeth Binkele would like a loan to build a house in a resort area to make a living.

5.    Received Wenger pamphlet, asks about various lodges.

6.    Has sold 10 copies of Symposium on War.  Cites experiences of CO’s.

7.    Historical concerns and pacifism.

8.    Gesangbücher.

Folder 7: Correspondence E-G (English), 1927Add to your cart.

1.    Has a 1660 Mart. Mir.

2.    No notations for other letters.

Folder 8: Correspondence E-G (German), 1927Add to your cart.

1.    German relief, 1924?

2.    Needs one issue of Rundschau.

3.    Symposium on War

4.    Re:  Liberalism and J.E. Hartzler orders 12 copies of “Is Mennonite Church Free of …?”

5.    Walter Fellmann has received various Mennonite items.

6.    Copy of Friedmann letter concerning his research and plans for Hutterite publication.

7.    (?) send a book (no title given) as a loan for a month.

8.    Reliability of Menn. Lex.  History of liberalism in Holland.  Difference between liberalism among Dutch Mennonites and in state church.

Folder 9: Correspondence H-L (English), 1927Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Correspondence H-L (German), 1927Add to your cart.

1.    Personal

2.    Mennonite Lex. Article.  Marbeck book.

3.    Divide your article on Hutterites into chapters.

4.    Booklet on Hutterites (?) to be published.

5.    Michael Horsch – German relief.

6.    Michael Horsch, J.H.’s cousin, has left congregation in Upland for one in Beatrice.  Personal matters.  References to “Uncle Michael” – Hellmannsberg (?).

7.    Try to find a place for a trainee under government auspices on a Mennonite farm.  His name is (?) Michael Horsch.

8.    Interest on personal loan for Lechfeld refugee camp.  The debt is canceled.

9.    Man wants factory job in America.

10.  Very interesting letter in defense of his somewhat undogmatic position.

11.  Needs “relief” help.

12.  Planning to emigrate to U.S.

13.  From Elizabeth Binkele

Folder 11: Correspondence M (English), 1927Add to your cart.
Folder 12: Correspondence M (German), 1927Add to your cart.
Folder 13: Correspondence N-Z (English), 1927Add to your cart.
Folder 14: Correspondence N-Z (German), 1927Add to your cart.

1.    Has received the 17th Lieferung of the Lexikon.  Notes interest in Geschichtbuch.

2.    Wahrheitsfreund will publish Walter’s article.  Looking for proofs.

3.    Has received letter from Eberhard Arnold and an article “Kie Wegwarts”, but does not know what it really means.

4.    Nold is in America, a cow “tester” in PA.

5.    Contributions to Christenpflicht.

6.    Pamphlets not returned from Geneva League of Nations.  Nonresistants released from prison in Yugoslavia.

7.    $20,000 for German relief.

8.    Schimmelpfenning, exchange student, asks for Menno Simons’ works.

9.    One letter complete, the other not.  They reflect Pierre Sommer’s faithfulness and gentleness of spirit.

10.  More of Suttor’s unhappy pilgrimage.

11.  Request by Russian Mennonite refugee for aid.

12.  Probably an ex-Hutterite.  Somewhat skeptical of reports about their piety.

13.  Jack Wack tells of Neutäifer in prison and under severe persecution in Yugoslavia.  Asks for materials on nonresistance for officials.

14.  Seeks information on his Mennonite forefathers.

15.  Thanks for Mennonite periodicals.  Must drop some of his work;  Onno van der Veen will take his international tasks and should therefore get the periodicals.

Folder 15: Correspondence Carbons, 1927Add to your cart.
Folder 16: Correspondence A-B (English), 1928Add to your cart.
Folder 17: Correspondence A-B (German), 1928Add to your cart.
Parents of Otto and Elizabeth Binkele ask for a loan.
Folder 18: Correspondence C-G (English), 1928Add to your cart.

1.    Herold D. Wahrheit

2.    All other letters without notation.

Folder 19: Correspondence C-G (German), 1928Add to your cart.

1.    Unable to visit J.H. now.  Facilities for research lacking at Bethel.  Is now in Washington looking for a suitable position.

2.    Requests information on O.M. position on life insurance.

3.    Concerning Hutterian publications.  Asks for assistance in publishing.

4.    Wolkan’s books have gone to his son.  Who will publish Part II of Geschichtbuch?  Verein für Ref.-Gesch, to publish much Hutterite material.

5.    Promotes orthodoxy in education.

6.    Hutterite history.  Will lend some mss for several months.

Folder 20: Correspondence H-L (English), 1928Add to your cart.
Folder 21: Correspondence H-L (German), 1928Add to your cart.

1.    American Mennonites must support Lexikon better.

2.    Publication of Marbeck book.  Article on Mennonite Education to appear in Vol. III of Lex.

3.    Needs articles on American Mennonite congregations.

4.    Lexikon matters.  Has final proofs of Marbeck book.

5.    Purchase of Testaments.

6.    Sends article on Christmas celebration in Munich.  Needs funds for Christenpflicht.

7.    Re:  The founding of the European Menn Bund.

8.    Concerning interest on loans, personal and for Lechfeld.

9.    Plans for seminary found no response.  Some contact with Quakers.

10.  Relief Matters.

11.  Interest on loand.  Agriculture poor in Germany – Weather and economic conditions.

12.  Shipment of Gemeinde-Kalender for Langnau congregation.

13.  Geschicht-Buch

14.  Deaconess needs help.

15.  Student of agronomy wants to immigrate.  Asks J.H. to find him a job.

Folder 22: Correspondence M-Z (English), 1928Add to your cart.
Folder 23: Correspondence M-Z (German), 1928Add to your cart.

1.    Writer and recipient unclear.

2.    Ed of Rundschau asks for translation of an article.

3.    Otto Nold, exchange trainee, seeks new position, will visit J.H.

4.    H.d.W. article about immoral practices to be returned if too explicit.

5.    L. Pitsche encloses a letter from Schroeder.

6.    Gift for Christenpflicht.

7.    Defense against article in S.S. Times defaming Kaiser.

8.    Encloses draft of S. German Mennonite constitution.

9.    (Too hard to decipher)

10.  Concerning a certain Heinrich Schroeder, German immigrant from Russia, now in poverty.

11.  Concerning death of Elias Walter, uncle of Elias Walter?

12.  Manuscripts and publications.

13.  Copying Geschicht-Buch, editing Beck’s.

14.  Geschicht-Buch.  Where publish?  Sends it to J.H. and Loserth for additions.  Forward?

15.  Publication of book.

16.  Order for books by J.H. and others.

17.  Can Christenpflicht continue in Munich?  No funds.

Folder 24: Correspondence Carbons, 1928Add to your cart.
Box 5: Correspondence, 1929-1932Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence A-H (English), 1929Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Correspondence A-H (German), 1929Add to your cart.

1.    Very important letter by Eberhard Arnold.

2.    How raise money to send a preacher and a manager to Bruderhof in Germany to come to an understanding.

3.    Interesting correspondence.  Should be translated?

4.    Mostly concerning his school.  He was for many years a missionary (in Java?).  His sister married Christian Landes of Lautenbach.

5.    Books.

6.    Wants to organize mission committee of all branches, independent of all existing committees.  Suggested names at bottom of page.

7.    Seeks material on Horsch family tree.

8.    M.B. Fast refuses membership on Witmarsum board.

9.    Siegmund-Schultze on Weltbund (of Mennonites?)

10.  Hutterite interests.

11.  Wants catechism to be printed like the one published in Elkhart.  What price?  Need them soon.

12.  Unintelligible.

Folder 3: Correspondence I-Z (English), 1929Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Correspondence I-Z (German), 1929Add to your cart.

1.    Arnold Loserth

2.    Help for German Hutterites from “der reiche David Vetter” and colonies.

3.    On Bossert; C.A. Fischer; Arnold; Friedmann; B.W. Clark; Geschichtbuch.

4.    Gescjocht-Buch.  Poverty of Alta, colonies.  German Hutterian Brethren.

5.    Published article by Eberhard Arnold.

6.    Cancels order for catechisms.

7.    Inquires about J.H.’s Hutterian Brethren

8.    Lexikon needs money.

9.    Financial status of Menn. Relief in Russia.

10.  Finances

11.  Support requesdted for deaconess in Munich to promote relief.  Death of youngest sister.

12.  Michael Horsch, cousin of J.H., thanks for subscription for Gospel Herald.

13.  Refutes idea that the wise men of Dan. 5:8 could read the writing on the wall.

14.  Gives certain addresses in Germany.

15.  A conference of pastors in Germany.  Mennonite refugees arriving in Hamburg.

16.  About opening a bookstore (?)

17.  Paraguay refugees returning to Canada

18.  Relief gifts.  Gift for Bodelschwingh in Bielefeld

19.  Booklets to be printed at Scottdale.

20.  Gemeintedag.  Hylkema.  Dutch Mennonite unbelief.

21.  Friedmann sends his Broefe.

22.  Gesangbücher der geistlichen Lieder

23.  Appeal for help for Menn. In Russia to be published in H.d.W.

24.  Wants devotional book.

Folder 5: Correspondence Carbons, 1929Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Correspondence A-B (English), 1930Add to your cart.

1.    Important letters.  China Inland Mission missionary, Paul Bartel, concerning a visit to J.H. in Scottdale.

2.    About publication of Hutterian Brethren.  Personal matters.

3.    Re:  articles for MQR.  Suggestions for Kauffman.  Encyclopedia.  Dictionary.

4.    Historical matters.  MQR articles.  HSB visit to Bruderhof in Germany.  Important impressions.  Important letter.

5.    Brubaker meets Eberhard Arnold in N.Y.

Folder 7: Correspondence A-B (German), 1930Add to your cart.

1. Interesting letter from Eb. Arnold.  Plans for journey to N.Y., being met in N.Y., visit of H.S.B. in Bruderhof

2.    Asks for interpretation of a certain parable in light of statement in quarterly, who was the woman that put leaven into the meal?

3.    Order for “Modernism in Bluffton College”.

4.    Dealer has books of interest.

Folder 8: Correspondence C-G (English), 1930Add to your cart.

1.    Important notes by Correll.

2.    From Correll(?)

Folder 9: Correspondence C-G (German), 1930Add to your cart.

1.    Ref. To Enquete Committee investigating Correll’s political position.

2.    Correll letters on publications.  Bibliog, Hutterian Brethren

3.    Reactions on J.H.’s Hutterian Brethren.

4.    H.J. Dyck, father of Walter Dyck, long had a column in M.W.Rev.

5.    Most interesting letter.  Emmy is coming to America.

6.    Article “His First Bible” to appear in Gospel Herald, then as off-print.

7.    Modeernism

8.    Compains about tardiness and high price of publishing catechism.

9.    Needs a dictionary.

Folder 10: Correspondence H-Z (English), 1930Add to your cart.
John H. Mosemann (Sr.) mostly on liberalism in the church.  (Many letters)
Folder 11: Correspondence H-Z (German), 1930Add to your cart.

1.    About Russian Mennonite books describing condition in Russia.

2.    Publication of Meine Flucht.

3.    Asks J.H. to translate section of Meine Flucht (or Unsere Brüder in Not?)

4.    MQR materials.  Johannes Waldner

5.    Printing of a pamphlet.

6.    About a group of “Anabaptists” in Austria.  (H.S.B. visited them.)

7.    Thanks for MQR  with article on Hutterian Brethren.

8.    Concerning binding etc. of a book.

9.    Where can he get a certain book of Bible stories?

10.  C.Krahn.  Thanks for books.  Hopes to see second edit on the Wehrlosigkeit.

11.  Economic conditions in Menn. Settlement in Cuauhtemoc, Mex.

12.  Grateful to U.S. Mennonites for relief work.  Sends article for Gospel Herald.

13.  On Mennonite World Relief Conf.

14.  Ojections to article in Rundschau on attitudes toward refugees.

15.  Desires mutual exchange of information.

16.  Kühler has not published article on Religious Individualism of the Doopsgezenden.

17.  Agent in Menn. Colony wants old Bible, etc.

18.  On publication of books by Loserth and J.H.

19.  Very interesting reaction to E. Arnold.

20.  On E. Arnold’s visit.

21.  Needs material on fire insurance.

22.  Price of Hutterian Brethren?

Folder 12: Correspondence A-E (English), 1931Add to your cart.
Folder 13: Correspondence A-E (German), 1931Add to your cart.

1.    Solves the problem of the three days in the grave.

2.    Liberalism in church.

3.    Bartel, China Inland Mission, that’s for gift.

4.    Concerning various publications.

5.    Order for three German-English parallel testaments.

6.    Correll’s foreward to Hutterian Brethren.

Folder 14: Correspondence F-H (English), 1931Add to your cart.
About Kauffman, who preached in a trance.
Folder 15: Correspondence F-H (German), 1931Add to your cart.

1.    Missionary Bartel’s name is omitted from R.M.B. ministers.  J.H. asks why.  M.B. Fast replies:  Because he does not operate on K.M.B. principles, but is personally O.K. and beloved.

2.    Concerning books and Lexikon.

3.    Report about several charitable organizations

4.    About Quiring at Bluffton.

5.    John Hodel, father of Dr. Paul Hodel, asks J.H. to get a German wall motto for parents’ golden wedding.

6.    Concerning relief work and the Depression.

7.    Concerning publication of Täuferakten.

Folder 16: Correspondence I-Z (English), 1931Add to your cart.
Folder 17: Correspondence I-Z (German), 1931Add to your cart.

1.    Asks about his copy of Hutterian Brethren  and whether Arnold stopped at Scottdale enroute home.

2.    Acceptance and ordination document of E. Arnold.

3.    About Arnold’s data on Hutterites.  Receives letters from him.  Poverty in Germany is severe.

4.    Eberhard Arnold not getting expected financial aid – times are very bad.

5.    Asks for section in Menno’s Writings on conception of Christ in or of Mary – missing in Elkhart edition.  Kipfer was Langnau Mennonite minister.

6.    Urges wide advertising of his books Meine Flucht  and Brueder in Not.

7.    Persoanl.  Babette Lichte’s mother was sister of J.H.’s wife;  her father was brother of J.H.

8.    Defense of his ministry.  Next letter, father’s confirmation of ministry.

9.    Financial difficulties of Rundschau.

10.  Check for relief in Russia or China.

11.  Pierre Sommer, about missions, etc.

12.  Tschetter’s article on Hutterian Brethren history in Wahrheitsfreund.

13.  Needs information on copies of all Mennonite periodicals – Oberholtzer, etc.

14.  Who is J.F. Funk?  What is he doing?  Order for books.

15.  Mennonite students and refugees at Wiedenest.  Following letter thanks for subscription to MQR .  Sends copy of his Greek grammar.

16.  Personal, by former editor of Rundschau. (J.H. paid a small debt for him.)

17.  Personal.

18.  About a number of books and MQR. (Mennonite Quarterly Review)

Folder 18: Correspondence Carbons, 1931Add to your cart.
Folder 19: Correspondence A-J (English), 1932Add to your cart.
Folder 20: Correspondence A-J (German), 1932Add to your cart.

1.    E. Arnold.  Vision failing.  Working on Geschichtsbuch with Loserth – 100 copies with hand press on special paper.

2.    I don’t hear from H.S.B.  Is he angry?  E. Arnold is delaying publication of Klein-Gesch, Buch.

3.    Where is ref. To torture in Basel found?  It is cited in Lexikon.

4.    Criticism of S.S. quarterly.

5.    Modernism.

6.    Correll’s schedule at university leaves him no time for research.

7.    Relief projects in Germany.

8.    Publication of a document of Philippite Brechren.

9.    Your book has arrived—very good.

10.  Modernism.

11.  What should be our attitude to Boy Scouts?

12.  Please write article on “Innere Mission” for M.L.  Who will do “Iowa-Neb. Conference”?  And “Indiana” ?  Trouble getting articles from Amerrica.

13.  Financial difficulties.

14.  Liberalism among Dutch Mennonites.  All but three ministers liberal.

Folder 21: Correspondence K-Z (English), 1932Add to your cart.
Folder 22: Correspondence K-Z (German), 1932Add to your cart.

1.    History of Polish Menn. Congregation, Galacia.

2.    Order for Hutterian Brethren.

3.    Concerning article on conditions in Russia.

4.    Kühler’s book and its reviews.

5.    Criticism of J.H. view on Hoffman and Tempelgemeinde.

6.    Neff agrees with J.H. on Kiihler’s book.

7.    Rundschau in financial straits.

8.    Sending Taufgesinnte Gemeinden.

9.    Asks for Rundschau containing ref. To trial of two Anabaptists in Basel.

10.  Shipment of books.

11.  Thanks for gift.

Folder 23: Correspondence Carbons, 1932Add to your cart.
Box 6: Correspondence, 1934-1940Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence A-H (English), 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Correspondence A-H (German), 1933Add to your cart.

1.    Personal.

2.    Mostly school.

3.    Grebeliana.

4.    Wants to purchase type.

5.    Asks for sources on American Mennonite history.

6.    Plan for new periodical, German-English, ed. C.H. Wedel

7.    Wants to change a sentence in his pamphlet, already printed.

8.    Eight year old son, very poor vision, needs suitable reading material.

9.    Seeks origin of name, “Horsch”.  Asks for $100.00 from “rich Americans”.

10.  Needs articles.

11.  Horsch family from Russia.

12.  Interesting report on conditions in Hitler’s Germany.

13.  Personal.  Assists Leibbrandt.  Conditions in Germany.

Folder 3: Correspondence I-Z (English), 1933Add to your cart.
Folder 4: Correspondence I-Z (German), 1933Add to your cart.

1.    Personal from brother-in-law,  Klaassen, missionary in Indonesia.

2.    Krahn needs materials from MQR.

3.    Re:  debt on “My Flight”.

4.    Order of books – Zwingli’s Works.

5.    (rest of letters – no notations)

Folder 5: Correspondence A-G (English), 1934Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Correspondence A-G (German), 1934Add to your cart.

1.    Needs Martyrs’ Mirror.  His reply to articles in Rundschau  by Nazi Mennonites.

2.    Interested in preserving Mennonite traditions.  Asks about O.M.

3.    Legal document inquiring about J.H.’s capital resources.

4.    Asks for supplement to Hutterian Brethren.

5.    Opening of Tabor in question.

6.    Needs MQR issues containing J.H. articles.

7.    Abouir French Choralbuch.

8.    Music printing.

9.    Needs a certain reference.  Christian Hege has no income, how can we help him and the Lexikon?

10.  Thanks for the relief gift.

11.  Wants information on O.M. in Canada.

12.  Article for Mitarbeiter.

13.  Asks permission to excerpt from Menno Simons.

14.  Asks information about persecution.

15.  Wants to buy a certain book.

16.  Asks financial support.  Last letter thanks.

Folder 7: Correspondence H-Z (English), 1934Add to your cart.
Folder 8: Correspondence H-Z (German), 1934Add to your cart.

1.    Needs articles.

2.    Concerning articles.

3.    Efforts toward union of three German conferences.

4.    Personal.  Repayment of loan.  Union.

5.    Part-payment of loan.  Sale of books slow.

6.    Request for certain MQR issues etc.

7.    Suggestions for raising funds for Rundschau.

8.    Publication of Choralbuch.

9.    Necessary to teach monresistance to younger generation.  Thanks for J.H.’s booklet.

10.  Obituary enclosed.  (for H.D.W.?)

Folder 9: Correspondence Carbons, 1934Add to your cart.
Folder 10: Correspondence A-G (English), 1935Add to your cart.
Folder 11: Correspondence A-G (German), 1935Add to your cart.

1.    Account closing.

2.    Plans visit to J.H.  Historical matters.

3.    Visit to J.H.

4.    Visit delayed.

5.    Concerning J.H.’s books.

6.    Defense of baptism by immersion.

7.    Identifies C.C. Janzen.  Janzen’s thesis under discussion.

8.    Footwashing

Folder 12: Correspondence H-Z (English), 1935Add to your cart.
Folder 13: Correspondence H-Z (German), 1935Add to your cart.

1.    Elias Walter, too old to work, now active in binding books.  Difficulty with Arnold in publication.

2.    “Lancaster County” article unsatisfactory.  Needs other articles.

3.    Thanks for revision of Lancaster articles.  History concerns.  Old Mennonite should promote M.L.

4.    Concerning Heye’s correspondence with Elias Walter on publication of Verein f. Ref. – gesch.

5.    Confessional problems.

6.    Problems resulting from union.

7.    Subscription to Licht und Leben.

8.    Concerning J.H.’s critique of Kühler and doctrinal matters.

9.    Brother-in-law, missionary in Sumatra, Klassen, wants permission to publish article.

10.  Personal.

11.  About J.H.’s article on mode of baptism.

12.  Rejects article by J.H., “Reply to Walter Fellmann, suggests private settlement of dispute”.

13.  Financial difficulties of Rundschau.

14.  Concerning critique of Kühler.

15.  Question on genealogy.

16.  Needs information for his history of French Mennonites.

17.  Church records of Russian Mennonites emigrating to America.

18.  Elias Walter finds Verein F. Ref.-Gesch. List of Hutterite documents incomplete.

Folder 14: Correspondence Carbons, 1935Add to your cart.
Folder 15: Correspondence A-J (English), 1936Add to your cart.
Folder 16: Correspondence A-J (German), 1936Add to your cart.

1.    C.C. Janszen tried to make Bethel liberal.  In Christian Monitor evident prejudice against Germany.

2.    Confusion (?) of H. Ewert with W. Ewert.

3.    Historical matters.  Leibbrandt collection.  Jacob Y. Shantz (interesting).  Visit Mormon monument (rest home) in Vermont.

4.    Thanks for relief money.

5.    Emden congregation not doctrinally sound.

6.    Publication of hymnbook.

7.    J.E. Hartzler’s Voices from Bible Lands unsound.

8.    Wants help in getting Mennos’ Works.

9.    Needs money.

10.  Geschichtsverein needs money.  Owes Christenpflicht.

11.  Michael Horsch plans to visit Bruderhöfe.  Christenpflicht sends money.  Very needy.  Some brethren quietly sending Chr. Hege 200 m. monthly.

Folder 17: Correspondence K-Z (English), 1936Add to your cart.
Folder 18: Correspondence K-Z (German), 1936Add to your cart.

1.    About Jews and Nazi Germany.

2.    Needs financial aid.

3.    Thanks for tract “Background”.

4.    Business.

5.    Publication costs and sale of books.

6.    About an unnamed article.

7.    Rundschau business deals.

8.    Book order.  Criticism of Rundschau.

Request for German material on “Russelites”.

Folder 19: Correspondence Carbons, 1936Add to your cart.
Folder 20: Correspondence A-J (English), 1937Add to your cart.
Folder 21: Correspondence A-J (German), 1937Add to your cart.

1.    Personal.  Order for “Communism” from cousin Michael Horsch.

2.    Asks J.H. to write brochure – Short History of Mennonites.

3.    Order for German quarterlies.

4.    Old Mennonites ought to promote Lexikon.

5.    Elias Walter suffers stroke.

6.    What did Menno Simons teach on footwashing.

Folder 22: Correspondence K-Z (English), 1937Add to your cart.
Folder 23: Correspondence K-Z (German), 1937Add to your cart.

1.    Account of European travel by Hutterites.

2.    B.H. Unruh attacks nonresistance of early church.  B.B. Janz wants material to refute him.

3.    Personal.  From brother-in-law, Klassen, missionary in Indonesia under Dutch board.

4.    Settlement poverty – stricken.

5.    Runschau financial affairs.

6.    Recommends Rosenberg as speaker.

7.    Rosenberg appears at Scottdale.

8.    Gemea;pgu/

9.    Asks article commenting on Schmitt article “Unsere Aufgabe”.

10.  Historical matters.  Thanks for help.

11.  Interested in getting address of Penna. Amish.

Folder 24: Correspondence Carbons, 1937Add to your cart.
Folder 25: Correspondence A-K (English), 1938Add to your cart.
Folder 26: Correspondence A-K (German), 1938Add to your cart.

1.    Personal.  Promotes pacifism.

2.    Wants leaflets on nonresistance, etc.

3.    Should be destroyed.  It is marked “confidential”.

4.    Needs material for addresses on Nonresistance, Anabaptist movement and life of Menno.

5.    Wiens, former editor of Rundschau, has written article at least unfavorable to J.F. Funk, M.B. Fast tries to moderate it.

6.    J.J. Kroeker’s morality in question.

7.    Modernism in Western District Conference

8.    Lexikon matters.

9.    Sends pamphlets to J.H. about Bruderhof, for possible publication.

10.  Wants Martyrs’ Mirror.

Folder 27: Correspondence L-Z (English), 1938Add to your cart.
Folder 28: Correspondence L-Z (German), 1938Add to your cart.

1.    On conscientious objection.  Swiss Mennonite. Practices and attitudes toward state.

2.    Swiss Anabaptist history.

3.    Difficulties.

4.    Financial trouble.

5.    Wants peace literature in German.

Folder 29: Correspondence Carbons, 1938Add to your cart.
Box 7: Correspondence, 1939 and undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Correspondence A-H (English), 1939Add to your cart.
Folder 2: Correspondence A-H (German), 1939Add to your cart.

1.    Unclear.

2.    Personal.

3.    Hege protests Maurer’s use of “Wiedertäufer” in his Deutsch Biographie…

4.    Baptism.  Becoming citizens.

5.    Hugo, Lutheran, interested in Mennonites, seeks literature.

6.    Cotswold Bruderhof wants Hutterite lit. in English.

Folder 3: Correspondence I-Z (English), 1939Add to your cart.
Michael Horsch (cousin of J.H.) finds J.C. Wenger’s article on Germany in YCC  prejudiced.  (No notations of rest of letters)
Folder 4: Correspondence I-Z (German), 1939Add to your cart.

1.    Anybody may write article, but must accept favorable or unfavorable reception.

2.    Report on Conference on nonresistance at Winkler, by 8 or 9 Mennonite branches.

3.    Needs peace literature.  Reports on financial difficulties of Rundschau.

Folder 5: Correspondence Carbons, 1939Add to your cart.
Folder 6: Correspondence A-Z (English), 1940, undatedAdd to your cart.
Folder 7: Correspondence (German), undatedAdd to your cart.

1.    Report by Christenpflicht

2.    Personal, - References to Mennonite publications.

3.    Gesangbücher.

4.    Mennonite history research notes by Correll.

5.    M. Dyck, Cuauhtemoc, Mex. Asks financial aid in some indirect way for medication for a Mrs. Klassen.

6.    Epp wants to meet Michael Horsch and Jacob Kroeker (if he comes) in N.Y.

7.    Walter Fellmann, on nonresistance publications.

8.    On G.C. Mennonites, Russian immigrants, End Times.

9.    About repayment of Christenpflicht debt.

10.  Personal.

11.  Wants peace literature, J.H.’s books, but has no money.

12.  Needs posters on the visions of John.

13.  Personal.

14.  Letter from Habaner (?) in Hungary pleases Hutterites.

15.  Has received Lydia Müller’s Täuferakten volume.

16.  Send me the booklets unbound, I will make a better binding.

17.  Finish the booklet as you see fit.

18.  Andreas Fischer’s attack on the Brethren.

Folder 8: Partial Correspondence, 1913-1936, undatedAdd to your cart.

1.    Peace Problems Committee, Akron, Pa., July 1, 1927.

2.    False prophets – incomplete.

3.    Approves campaign against modernism.

4.    Christian and Missionary Alliance, Jan. 3, 1922

5.    Library wants American Mennonite publications.

6.    David Garber, Scottdale, PA., July 30, 1932.

7.    The Christian Exponent, Oct. 31. 1925.

8.    Wants second-hand Märtyterspiegel he saw at Scottdale.

9.    Theological questions – Galenus.

10.  John J. Wipf.

11.  F.B. Wedel, Salem, OR., Jan. 13, 1925.

12.  Isaach Hershey, 11/7/?

13.  J.H. Mosemann, Sr. (?), Lancaster, PA., July 18, 1922.

14.  Infant baptism.

15.  Shantung, N. China, Feb. 26, 1926.

16.  Isaac Hershey, 6/25/30.

17.  K.L. Frey.

18.  Baker (?) Montello, Mass., Dec. 31, 1931.

19.  William J. Campbell, Philadelphia, June 17, 1913.

20.  Ewert to Neufeld.

21.  Epp to J.H.

22.  Jonathan Fisher, Sept. 20, 1922

23.  Prof. L.S. Keyser, Hamma Divinity School, Springfield, OH, Jan. 3, 1920

24.  Missionary Klaassen to brother-in-law, J.H.

25.  G.W. McPherson.

26.  First Mennonite Church, Berne, IN, by C.H. Sukau.

27.  On relief for Russian Mennonites, presumably Benjamin Unruh.

28.  Hutterite – asks where E. Arnold is.

29.  Tschetter.

30.  Woelinga, Holland, to J.H.

31.  Correll – historical matters.

32.  Relief work.

33.  Ernst Spengler, October 5, 1923.

34.  Scottdale, PA., April 21, 1934.

35.  J.H. to H.S.B.

36.  Tuebingen, Feb. 11, 1924., from Elizabeth and Harold.

37.  Willenbach, über Heilbronn., Aug. 5, 1935.

38.  Goshen College, March 15, H.S.B. to J.H.

39.  H.S.B. to J.H.

40.  H.S.B. to J.H., March 2.

41.  Goshen, IN, June 28, 1927.

42.  Goshen College, March 17, 1928.

43.  H.S.B. to J.H.

44.  Goshen College, Nov. 6, 1936.

45.  H.S.B. has visited Bruderhof in Germany.  Arnold’s trip to America.  Partial letter from Arnold.

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